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 Technical Reports DIAB-18-05-2 

Código:  DIAB-18-05-2
Publicación:  28-05-2018
Título:  An Agile Object-Oriented Method to Develop Modern Software Applications

Agile methods and tools are being widely adopted in many software companies. The irruption of the Agile Manifesto has induced a revolution in the field of Software Engineering with the apparition of many agile methodologies. Among the most known agile methods are Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP). This article describes Xcrum, a new Object-Oriented and
agile method that is a combination of Scrum and XP that allows software teams to develop modern applications. Xcrum allows software teams not only to organize themselves in an agile manner, but also it allows them to develop applications following both Object-Oriented and agile principles. The article describes Xcrum and provides practical information, by means
of an example, on how to develop a project using Xcrum. 


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