José L. Sánchez received the PhD degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Valencia, Spain, in 1998. Since November 1986 he is a member of the Computer Systems Department (formerly Computer Science Department) at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. He is a full professor of computer architecture and technology. He has developed several courses on Computer Structure, Computer Architecture, and Parallel Computer Architecture.

     His research interests include multicomputer systems, high-speed interconnection networks, quality of service in high-speed networks, multicore architectures, parallel programming, and heterogeneous computing. During the last years, Prof. Sánchez has focused his research on developing several techniques to improve some aspects of the high-speed interconnection networks. In particular, he has worked on switch architecture, network reconfiguration, quality of service and energy consumption. Moreover, he is focusing his attention on networks on chip, both for heterogeneous and homogeneous multicores. All this research is being supported by several national and european projects.