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 Technical Reports DIAB-15-03-1 

Código:  DIAB-15-03-1
Publicación:  18-03-2015
Título:  Nacreous: An Adaptive Service–Aware IaaS Cloud Manager
Detalle: Nowadays, Cloud Computing is a trending topic both in academia and in in-
dustry, offering a wide range of services at different levels. Thus, efficient Cloud
service management poses a challenge on Cloud providers, specially when non-
trivial Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees are expected by users. Also, Cloud
providers seek to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) by managing the
underlying resources in the most efficient way, so that clients receive their ex-
pected level of service with the minimum possible amount of allocated resources
and other associated costs (i.e., energy consumption).
In this work an extensible framework, named Nacreous, is proposed. Nacreous
is able to consolidate and coordinate multiple services within an IaaS Cloud, and
optimise them by allowing different adaptive and complex policies for deployment
and scheduling to be implemented. From the user point of view, Nacreous will
enable the specification of simple or complex IaaS service requests by using a WS-
Agreement based interface (or a CLI API). Some experiments aimed at providing
a glance of Nacreous basic functionalities over a private Cloud testbed, with a
specific attention to Hadoop applications, are also provided.


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